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Cost of Adding Central Air Conditioning to an Existing Heating System

Summer is here and many homeowners stop thinking about heating their homes and look to the other side of the thermostat, to turn on the air conditioner. If you have a forced air heating system in your home without cooling, you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost to add a central air conditioning system to your existing system. If being a bit more green is your preference, you can choose to add a heat pump to your existing system instead.

In this Home Heating System Guide, we’re going to explain what it’s going to take to add a central air conditioner or heat pump to your existing forced air heating system. We’ll share what you can expect the equipment to cost wholesale, as well as how much adding a new central air conditioner costs installed.

Central Air Installation Cost Table

While we can’t estimate the cost of every factor of your central air conditioning installation, we can share the prices of whats most added to a central heating system in order to cool the home with central ac. For this estimate, we are using a standard efficiency, 2.5 ton air conditioner or heat pump condensing unit, with a matching evaporator coil. We will also assume that no significant changes to your existing duct system are needed.

Equipment or Parts Needed
Wholesale Cost
Installed Price
AC Condensing Unit & Cased Evaporator Coil $1,100-$1600
Heat Pump Condenser & Cased Evaporator Coil $1,300-$1,800
The items listed below are most commonly needed to add central air to an existing heating system. We’re showing the wholesale price of the equipment to help you understand what goes into the cost for a complete installation. The installed price column (on right) will be left blank, since these items are generally included in the cost of a complete installation. Learn more about installation costs of hvac, or get a free quote from a central air professional in your area.
Condensing Unit Pad $35
Electric Service, Disconnect and Whip $125
New Heating/Cooling Thermostat $65-$120
Condensate Drain System $25-$100
35′ Insulated Copper Lineset $265
Sheet Metal Duct Transition $120
Local Permits and Inspection $150-$300
Misc Wiring, Copper, and Plumbing Fittings and $25-$50
Approximate Installation Time (2-person crew) 3-4 Hours

** The prices shown in the table above are only estimates. The only way to get an exact and accurate cost to add central air to your current system is through a qualified contractor in your area. We suggest at least 3-4 competitive quotes to be sure you understand whats included, and how much the features are going to cost.

Have You Added Central Air Recently?

If so, please share the price you paid in the comments section below. Our visitors would be happy to learn from your experiences as well.

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