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Gas Pack Prices

Comparison of Gas Pack Prices, Installation, and Cost of Different Types of Packaged HVAC Units

Packaged HVAC units are a type of central heating and air system that has all of the equipment self-contained in one unit, that attaches to the side or roof of your home. At the point of connection, the package unit is connected to the duct system, where the air is moved to the rooms or areas being heated and cooled. (learn more at Wikipedia)

In this Heating System Guide article, we’ll help you learn about the 4 main types of packaged hvac units commonly found in residential use. In addition, we’ll provide a comparison of package unit prices for each type of system, as well as the variables that may affect the installation cost. Learn more about package units and which type may be right for you.

As always, when we include price comparisons (central ac, heat pumps, furnaces,) you should view them as a basic cost estimate for guideline purposes only. The only way you will get an accurate price quote is to request a free consultation and get free competitive quotes from local, qualified contractors.

Comparison Table of Package Unit Equipment Types

For the comparison below, we chose to use a 3-ton package unit, which is the approximate size for an average 1400 square foot home. We are also using a standard efficiency, 14 seer, 80% AFUE system as a baseline for this example comparison. Package units are not usually one of the best hvac systems for big houses, so you will rarely find a gas pack in homes larger than 2000 sf.

Packaged HVAC Unit or Component
Equipment Only
Installed Price
Gas Pack (Gas Furnace with AC) $1650
Packaged Heat Pump (Electric Heat with AC) $2260
Packaged Air Conditioner (No Heat, AC Only) $1350
Hybrid Packaged Unit (Gas Furnace, Heat Pump, with AC) $3240
The difference in pricing between the package unit equipment only and the installed prices usually include the following items. Ask your HVAC contractor to spell out everything that’s included in your price quote, so you have a good baseline to compare prices with other companies. (click here for free competitive quotes)
Roof Curb & Roof Repair ** $350
Crane Rental ** (2 hour average) $150/Hour
Delivery and Disposal of Old Unit $300
New Foundation Pad Under unit $65
Sheet Metal, Tools and Supplies $200
Local Permits & Inspections $150 Included
New Electric Disconnect & Breaker $150 Included
New Programmable Thermostat $75 Included
Installation Time for 2 People (minimum needed) 5-7 Hours 3-5 Hours
Additional Costs You May Incur when Replace Packaged Unit
$1890 $950

**Costs for this are only needed when the package unit is installed to the roof of the home or business. Since package units can weight up to 500 pounds or more, more than 1 person is required for installation, and cranes are usually required for rooftop install.

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